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The Good Meal Co. NDIS-Approved

The Good Meal Co is now an NDIS-approved meal provider.

The Good Meal Co has over 20 years experience delivering restaurant-quality prepared meals to supermarkets, healthcare professionals, hospitals and government bodies.

We are incredibly excited that in mid-2017 we became a trusted NDIS-approved meal provider. This means that The Good Meal Co can now spread the joy of food, offering fantastic choices of delicious NDIS ready-made meals, delivered to our customers homes Australia-wide.

If ready-made meals are part of your plan, we have co-payments as low as $1.50 per meal. NDIS will fund the cost of the meal preparation and delivery. The low co-payment will cover the raw material cost.

The economical benefits for our NDIS customers include:

  • Reduced preparation time and mess.
  • Controlled servings meaning minimal wastage.
  • Nutritious food delivered frozen. Extended lifetime reducing the risk of food expiring before being eaten.
  • Less space and equipment needed in the kitchen.
  • Reduced costly overheads – meals are delivered frozen, and can simply be defrosted and reheated when desired.

Our delicious menu cares for different taste buds and dietary needs, including gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian.  We have a wide choice of homestyle, classic and world inspired recipes, made with premium-quality, seasonal produce. 

Whether you are ordering directly for yourself or through a representative, our friendly customer service team are ready to get you up and running, so you can enjoy our delicious NDIS-approved meals, delivered to your door.

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