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The delicious way to care

We call our Good Meals care meals for a reason. Perfectly balanced and bursting with flavour, they help you look after yourself and others while treating taste buds without compromise.

The tasty alternative for home care service providers

We've been preparing our fantastic meals for hospitals and healthcare professionals for more than 20 years. If your CDC Home Care Package enables you to have ready meals delivered, you can choose your meal provider and opt for our tastier meals.
Simply get in touch with the Home Care Service Provider that organises your home delivered ready meals, request The Good Meal Co and we'll invoice them directly. Alternatively, call our Customer Care Team on 1800 155 255, and we'll set everything up with your Home Care Service Provider on your behalf.

My Aged Care home delivery meal costs

If home delivered, ready-made meals are part of your package, your Home Care Package will fund meals by covering the cost of meal preparation and delivery. All you have to pay is a small co-payment for the ingredient cost.

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Retirement village and aged care meal delivery service

We're delighted to receive wonderful feedback from people enjoying retirement community living and residential aged care who value freedom from shopping and cooking.

Our wide choice of tastier homestyle, classics and world-inspired flavours spreads the joy of food, leaving you time to enjoy doing what you love most. Why not organise a free tasting event at your retirement village? We can't wait for you to taste the difference when you sample our sensational meals!

Healthy care meal delivery service for recuperation

We make it easy for family, friends and carers to organise nourishing and sustaining food for those recuperating at home. Cooked fresh and snap frozen, our meals are effortless to pull out of the freezer and heat — perfect for post-operative care or those recovering from injuries or flu. View our menu here.

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How much does it cost?

Every person's Home Care Package is different, depending on needs. If delivered, prepared meals are part of the package, your Home Care Package will cover the cost of meal preparation and delivery. You only need cover the cost of the ingredients, which is a small co-payment. To view the full pricing please visit, or Call 1800 155 255 or email us at and our Customer Care Team will help.

How do I know if I’m eligible for home delivered meals?

Your case manager or Home Care Provider will be able to let you know if home delivered meals are part of your package. To make it easy for you, we are also happy to contact your Home Care Provider directly.

Am I locked into a contract?

You are not locked into any contracts and may cancel your meal service with us at no extra cost anytime.

How does payment work?

For your meal cost contribution (cost of ingredients), we accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards and PayPal. You will pay for your contribution at the time of order.

For the remaining cost which is subsidised through your Home Care package, we will invoice your home care provider directly.

Registering for Home Care and CHSP

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Call to our customer service team.

Give our friendly customer service team a call if you have any questions or would like any help registering for your Home Care or CHSP meal plan.

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