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Healthy and Delicious Frozen Meals? Leave it to The Good Meal Co

The Good Meal Co harnesses the nutrition and taste of food with the added benefit of home delivery. For various reasons, home delivered food is an essential service which many aged, disabled and busy Australians rely on. In recent times, meal delivery services have left customers disappointed with flavourless meals that don’t represent their photo.

At The Good Meal Co, we dedicate ourselves to preparing, cooking, packaging and delivering food in a way that maintains flavour, freshness, and nutrition for those who can’t or don’t have the time to cook. We know healthy food, and we know flavour. Our chefs combine these two critical elements to provide our customers with home delivered wholesome goodness – the kind that stands apart from traditional frozen meals.  

 The Good Meal Co promises:  

  • Cost-efficient meal solutions
  • Meals to suit various dietary needs
  • Nutritionally balanced and portion controlled
  • Conveniently frozen for longevity and easy reheat
  • A vast menu with an array of tasty meals, snacks and desserts
  • Subsidised meals for those with approved NDIS plans and Home Care packages

With over 23 years of experience delivering meals to NDIS participants, hospitals, aged care communities and individuals, we help our clients to eat and live well with perfectly balanced healthy, tasty meals. 

Considering signing up to a nutritionally balanced and tasty meal delivery service?

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“As someone whose kitchen is not wheelchair modified, at times, I need to use frozen food. Unfortunately, this has often resulted in disappointment and a waste of money.
With The Good Meal Co I was pleasantly surprised, the food is both tasty and visually matched its appetising photo.”


"Thank you for your healthy and well presented meals.

My husband Robert loves them.

I am so happy to be able to heat up a healthy meal for him or have it ready for a carer to serve to him if I have to go out."


"The meal are very good, of good quality and size, it seems the variety is very expansive with something to cater to most dietary requirements and appetite sizes."


Ready to enjoy fuss-free (and delicious!) home delivered meals from The Good Meal Co™? Head here to get started:

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