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Living your best healthy life

Are you living your best, healthy life? Here at The Good Meal Co, we believe in the joy of food, but we also believe in the joy in life. Living your best life takes a bit of effort but we believe it is all about balance. Living a healthier life is a happier life.

Good health isn’t just about diet and exercise. It’s also about having a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. To help you achieve your best healthy life, we’ve put together our best tips on living an all round, balanced lifestyle:

Drink more water

Did you know that more than 60% of your body is made up of water? We need water to carry out our bodily functions, carry nutrients around our body and remove waste. The actual amount of water each person needs per day varies (depending on weight, physical activity, humidity, etc), but the average adult needs between 2.1 and 2.6 litres a day.

Eat more fruit

Fruits have lots of vitamins and minerals. Did you know that oranges offer more health benefits than Vitamin C pills? Satisfy your sweet tooth with nutritious fruits like: Watermelon, Apricots, Avocado (yes, avocado is a fruit!), Apple, Bananas and Strawberries. Fruits with bright colors are usually high in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are good for your health because they remove free radicals that damage our cells.

Eat vegetables every day

Vegetables are important for living a healthy life. Vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that you need every day. Onion, leek, and garlic are prebiotics — essential food for good gut bacteria. Spinach, kale, swiss chard, and turnip greens are dark leafy greens with high mineral content. Consume a variety of different vegetables for a large diversity of good gut bacteria, which improves your immune system. Improve your immune system and get sick less often.

Take deep breaths

Oxygen is vital for life. You may know how to breathe, but are you breathing properly? Most of us don’t breathe properly — we take shallow breaths and breathe to 1/3 of our lung capacity. A full breath is one where your lungs are completely filled, your abdomen expands, and there’s minimum movement in your shoulders.

Get enough sleep

We all need sleep for optimal health and wellbeing. Sleep is an active period for our body, in which a lot of important processing, restoration, and strengthening occurs. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.


Movement is life. Exercising every day has huge benefits to our health. Benefits include an increase in lifespan, lowering the risk of diseases, higher bone density, and weight loss. Choose an exercise you like. Join a class. It shouldn’t be about suffering and pushing yourself; it’s about being healthy and having fun at the same time.

Say goodbye to negativity

Good health is about staying positive. You don’t need negativity in your life. Whether this is negative people, negative thoughts, or a negative, toxic environment. You need to rid negativity in your life. Or at the very least, keep it at arms length. Set up boundaries (even if it is with your own negative thoughts) and keep the negativity at bay. Focus on the positive thoughts, people and live your best, healthy life.

Good posture

Having a good posture allows you to breathe properly. However, a good posture also increases concentration and ability to think clearly. A bad posture results in several complications over time, such as increased risks of slipped disc, back aches, back pain, pressure inside your chest and poor blood circulation to name but a few.

Get out more often.

Make a point to go out with your family or friends weekly if you can. Get some sun and vitamin D. Go out and have a change of environment.

Find the joy in life and live your best healthy life.

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