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Inspired to work with NDIS

Our work with NDIS was inspired by and for the people who work with us here at The Good Meal Co. We founded The Good Meal Co to spread the joy of food to those seeking the tastiest ready-made meals so that everybody can eat, feel and live better. 

Winner of Mission Australia's National Employer of the Year Award, we champion diversity and are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged and disabled people, including those with multiple barriers to employment. 

To date, we have employed more than 500 people in conjunction with Mission Australia Employment Solutions. Mission Australia operates disability employment services offices across NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and NT. We have worked closely with the NSW office to offer training and work experience to local residents. 

Thanks to the insights of our valued team, we continue to find solutions that better help disabled, elderly, recuperating and busy people to stay healthy and connected to good food.

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