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Fighting Fatigue

If you are feeling tired and sluggish, it’s time to fight that fatigue and increase those energy levels.

Step away from refilling your coffee one more time and don’t pick up another energy drink with all sorts of crazy ingredients. While lollies and other simple sugars give you a quick burst of energy, that boost will quickly fade and can leave you feeling depleted and wanting to eat more.

Try this instead. We’ve put together a list of the easiest and most accessible foods that you can choose to really fight daily fatigue and find more energy and bounce to your days.

Try these awesome fatigue fighting foods to find more energy in each day:

Go Bananas

Not literally. But do grab a banana. They are packed full of Potassium, Fibre and Vitamin B6 to give you a natural boost and energy lift.

Increase the greenery in your life

Green tea is a delicious and healthy way to improve your energy levels. Full of antioxidants, it will give you the warm fuzzies that a hot coffee provides, without the post-coffee jitters.


Often a symptom of dehydration is tiredness. Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated to help keep the zzzzzzz’s at bay throughout the day.

Are you nuts?

Almonds are full of healthy monounsaturated fats and magnesium. Both of which can help fight fatigue and tiredness. Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts are all other great afternoon snacks that help boost your energy. Avoid the salty ones and try to eat them raw for the best results.

Chia sprinkles

Sprinkling a few tablespoons of chia seeds onto your morning smoothie or adding a scoop to your yogurt may provide you with that fatigue fighting superpower you were looking for. 

Full of beans

Beans keep you going because they are made up of carbs, protein, and fibre. The protein fills you up, the carbs provide energy, and fibre helps regulate blood sugar. Black beans in particular will work like magic for an energy boost.

Sweet sweet potatoes

As well as having energy-stabilising high-fibre carbs, sweet potatoes have a quarter of a day’s worth of potassium. Potassium helps keep electrolytes balanced—which allows us to stay maximally hydrated. Potassium also helps relax the body and lower blood pressure, so it lessens stress in the body which can create fatigue.

There are plenty of lifestyle factors to take into consideration when fighting fatigue. We know all too well that sometimes, as hard as we might want or try, these factors cannot always be helped. 

Living with or caring for someone with a disability has an array of daily challenges and factors that contribute to our energy levels and tiredness. While we cannot always control these factors, eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones can help arm our body with the ammunition it needs to put up a good fight and hold that fatigue at bay.

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