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Back to Work in 2020 and Meal Prep Made Easy

Going back to work after Christmas and New Years can be bitter sweet. It’s great to get back into a routine and have some normality in your life again...but who doesn’t love being on holidays?! We want to help you slide into 2020 stress free by making your meal prep easy. That way you can jump back into work and your daily routine with one less thing to worry about!

Weekly Planning

Taking a little time out each Sunday to plan your week of meals can make a huge difference. Plan your menu for the week so you know what you are having at work for lunch and at home for dinner. It not only takes the last minute panic out of the equation, meal planning can save you money too. It reduces overall food waste and also means you are not stuck out and about and having to order overpriced food in a cafe or food court.

Traditional meal prep for the week ahead can consume a huge amount of time. Who wants to waste all of Sunday food shopping and cooking? Our ready made, delicious meals are the perfect solution to ensuring you have nutritious meals, and lots of variety on hand, ready to be enjoyed.

Mix it Up

When you meal prep from home for work lunch and dinners, you tend to use the same ingredients for each day. Variety gets lost when you are making your meals all in one day and then freezing and refrigerating. With our Good Meal Co NDIS approved meals, you can enjoy mixing your meals up every day. We have a huge menu of delicious and healthy meals to choose from. When you plan your week of meals, make sure you mix it up with lots of variety for lunch and dinner.

Eat Healthy Meals

You can be confident when you are eating one of our meals that you are getting a healthy and nutritious meal. 2020 is the start of a new decade. We all know how important our health is and now that you are back at work, it’s a great time to start planning to eat healthy. When you are meal prepping for each week, you want to make sure that you are planning healthy meals that will give you the sustenance you need and the fuel your body craves.

Healthy meals do not need to mean boring or tasteless. We're passionate about delivering the joy of food to our customers. Nourishing and sustaining, every meal on our menu treats your taste buds to classic, homestyle or world-inspired flavours made with fresh ingredients and snap frozen for your convenience adn to ensure that all the goodness is locked in.

Workplace Delivery

Taking the meals you’ve prepared for the week into the office each day can be a heavy load that adds additional stress to your commute each day. Why not get all of your work lunches delivered to your workplace? Our meals arrive frozen, so you just have to pop them into the office freezer and then quickly whip out each meal when you are ready for lunch each day.

If you speak with your Good Meal Co. team member, we can help organise your lunches to be delivered straight to your workplace doorstep.

Planning your meals a week ahead and knowing what you are having for lunch and dinner can help make getting back into work and transitioning into 2020 much easier. You can rest easy knowing your meals for the week are prepared and that you are getting all the healthy food and variety you want. In addition to saving money on impulse buys meal prepping means you have one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on work and play and enjoying 2020.

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