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10 things you can do to enrich your life when living with a disability

Living with a disability will always present obstacles that many people will never know or understand. We want you to know that there is always something you can do to enrich your life when you are living with a disability or caring for someone with a disability.

We spoke to our team and many of our valued customers to pull together this list of 10 things you can start doing right now to enrich your life.


Taking on a little bit of independence within your capabilities is rewarding and enriching. While relying on others is often unavoidable, find small tasks or little challenges that you can introduce into your daily routine with the goal of reaching a little more independence. Achieving something on your own can make you immensely happy.

Embrace YOU

You really do need to love and embrace all of you. What makes you different, what makes you unique. Embrace you. While living with a disability can definitely make life more challenging, it can also make you a unique survivor with a story worth telling and celebrating. Celebrate and embrace all of you.

Make like-minded friendships

There are many different types of friendships we will experience in our life. We encourage you to build friendships with like-minded people who are experiencing the same obstacles you have experienced in your life. Being able to share your experiences with someone who truly understands will enrich your life. Someone who can celebrate your wins and knows the ins and outs of the systems you are working with. There is nothing like knowing that you are never alone, even if what you are going through is one in a million. There are like-minded friends who understand at a deeper level. 

Surround yourself with positive people

Fill your life with positive people who want to be happy. Happiness can be contagious and there is nothing like filling your cup with positive people who will champion their own happiness and yours. Spending too much time with negative people will only drag you down. Make sure you are making time for those people who look at the cup half full.

Find something you’re good at

There is nothing like knowing you are really really good at something!! When you find something you are good at and enjoy doing, you will always have a project or goal that you can come back to. It doesn’t have to be a money-making or mainstream activity. It doesn’t have to be in comparison to anyone else. You are running your own race here and if you think you are good at it and it brings you happiness then the more you do it, the more it will enrich your life. 

Help others

It can be incredibly enriching to know that you are helping others. Volunteering, mentoring, helping children, visiting the elderly in a nursing home; doing anything outside of yourself can give you so much joy and really give you a fulfilling and enriching purpose. A purpose that is bigger than just you. 

Set achievable goals

There is no greater feeling that hitting a new goal. Set yourself realistic goals that will inspire you but are also achievable. Setting overly high goals can actually lead to setbacks and discouragement. Be patient and kind with yourself. Every small step forward counts. Eventually, you’ll get there and just embrace the journey. 

Get active

Physical activity will release endorphins which in turn will give your body and brain feel good energy and signals. Physical activity can make you happy!! Everyone will have different capabilities, but any exercise is better than none at all. This might be small movements with a ball in your hand, it might be going for a walk, it might even be playing in a team sport. Play to your abilities but getting your heart rate up and getting active will certainly enrich your life and is something that you can start doing today.

Build a relationship with a pet

While not everyone can bring a new pet into their homes, there are plenty of ways to build a meaningful relationship with a pet. Caring for an animal and the unconditional love they provide in return can be so enriching. Rescue and animal shelters are a great resource to adopt a new member of your family, but if this is not an option you could volunteer to become a carer at the shelter. Alternatively, you could offer to walk your neighbour’s dog, or feed their cat. A lot of dogs and cats just want some company during the day. If you have a friend of neighbour who is out a lot, offer to pet sit for a few hours. 

Eat well

Eating healthy and nutritious food is important for everyone. But even more so when you have physical limitations or health complications. Eating well will boost your energy levels and promote vitality so you can partake in the activities you want to and reach your goals. While eating healthy isn’t always easy when you’re struggling with a disability, even small changes can make a positive impact on your health. There are plenty of resources available to ensure you are still eating healthy and tasty meals. We offer very affordable pricing for NDIS participants with co-payments starting as little as $1.50.

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