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The joy of our Low GI meal delivery service

We have a range of delicious Low GI meals that are recommended as a healthy choice option for those requiring a Low GI diet.

The Good Meal Co. is launching a range of 10 prepared meals to help provide certified Low GI meals that are delicious and cost effective.

✓ Range of 10 meals - caters to different cuisine types and cultural needs.

✓ Potato, rice and pasta-based meals.

✓ Certified Low GI - rating of 45 or below.

✓ Taste and quality comparable to standard meals.

✓ Cost effective

✓ Good sources of dietary fibre.

✓ Tested at a leading Australian university.

® of GI Symbol Reg. Trademark of Glycemic Index Foundation


We know it's tough, but we're here for you. Our Low GI range will help you stay on track with your health requirements.

Are your Low GI meals certified?

All our Low GI meals have been certified as Low GI by the GI Foundation and have been tested at a leading Australian university.

Are the meals nutritionally balanced?

All our Low GI meals have a Health Star Rating of at least 3.5 stars which means they are everyday healthy choices.

Are they single serve meals?

Our Low GI meals are generous single serve meals (400g to 450g) with balanced portions of protein, Low GI carbs and vegetables.