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Our Values


We were born for food and delight in delivering incredible homestyle taste experiences that use the freshest, premium-quality seasonal produce, snap frozen to retain the integrity of their fresh flavours.


Our delicious meals help you care for yourself and others. We truly understand the challenges of preparing balanced meals to stay healthy whether you're a person with disability, elderly, recuperating or simply busy at work.


To us, good food should always nourish, sustain and contribute to optimum health without compromising on the enticing flavour. We look after both your taste buds and nutrition with balanced meals made from healthful ingredients.


We've been doing what we love for over 20 years. During this time, we've become the trusted partner of consumers, supermarkets, healthcare professionals, hospitals and government bodies in need of our Good Meals for their many different reasons.


A team of more than 60 people create our seriously Good Meals in our state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified facility. What's more, our enviable Quality Assurance System, from ingredient sourcing to meal delivery, ensures consistent, flavourful meals that deliver the joy of food without compromise.


We're passionate about giving back to the community and helping to improve people's quality of life. Since inception, we've brought hundreds of disadvantaged people and people with disability into our Good Meal Co family, and we're committed to continuing our program with Mission Australia Employment Solutions.