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Our Story

The joy of food

For generations, our family has been obsessed with delicious home-cooked food and the eating occasions that bring people together.

A taste for adventure took us to live in Kenya, the Netherlands, Germany, India and the U.K. before we settled in Australia in the 1990s. We took enormous pleasure in expanding our culinary knowledge in each country, filling our family's recipe books with delectable local dishes and famous classics that celebrate the aromas and flavours of local produce.

Founded on a need

Back then, the world spun at a slower pace, and we seemed to take more time to enjoy the ritual of food preparation and companionship around the table. All of sudden, life became busier, and we recognised time-poor people needed help. We founded The Good Meal Co to spread our joy of food to those seeking the tastiest ready-made meals so they can eat, feel and live better.

Today, more than 20 years later, The Good Meal Co is one of Australia's leading producers of world-class, authentic, restaurant-quality prepared meals for supermarkets, healthcare professionals, hospitals and government bodies.

Care begins at home

Our new Good Meal Co home delivery service was inspired by and for the people who work for us. Winner of Mission Australia's National Employer of the Year Award, we champion diversity and are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged and disabled people, including those with multiple barriers to employment.

To date, we've employed more than 500 people in conjunction with Mission Australia Employment Solutions. Thanks to the insights of our valued team, we continue to find solutions that better help disabled, elderly, recuperating and busy people to stay healthy and connected to good food.

Good Meals that are good for you

From our family's recipe books to your table —  everything we do centres around creating home-style taste experiences made with the freshest, premium-quality produce, snap frozen to retain the integrity of the farm and orchard flavours.

Whether you're caring for yourself or others, rest assured our Good Meals taste like they should.

We look forward to home delivering our joy of food across Australia to help you eat, feel and live better.