NDIS and You: Meal Preparation and Delivery

The NDIS provides funding for meal preparation and delivery to many NDIS participants.  For people who are living with a disability or caring for a person with a disability, food preparation is not a simple part of the day. Preparing and serving three, healthy and nutritious meals each day can be a daunting and almost impossible task to many. That is why  "Meal Preparation and Delivery" is included in many NDIS plans for a lot of participants.

We are often asked about our meal preparation and how what we do, works under the NDIS. Although everyone’s NDIS experiences are different and what you can or can’t fund will vary for each particular situation, we have tried to answer our most frequently asked questions to make it clearer for how our meal preparation and delivery works for those on the NDIS.


What is provided and funded to each participant directly relates to your disability and what is considered “reasonable and necessary”. Essentially, if your disability means you are unable to go food shopping or prepare meals for yourself, the NDIS can “deem” it as being “reasonable and necessary” to fund meal preparation and delivery to your door of these meals. The NDIS will also fund meal preparation and delivery if your primary carer and their allocated support time does not allow enough time or opportunity to assist you with food shopping or cooking. If you (or your primary carer) are able to food shop and cook for yourself, the NDIS does not cover meal preparation and delivery.


Meal Preparation and Delivery is included in your NDIS plan under ‘Core Supports’. In Core Supports, it sits under the category ‘Assistance with Daily Living’. As with all Core Supports, your funding is usually flexible. So it is usually up to you and your carer to allocate how you spend your Core Support budget. It can usually be on  on any support category you like as long as it meets the criteria of being “reasonable and necessary”. 


The NDIS does not fund the ingredients of any meals. The reason for this falls under the reasonable and necessary criteria and the idea that every meal has ingredients.  Regardless of whether you have a disability, every meal for every person has ingredients. The funding provided by the NDIS, covers the costs of the meal preparation and delivery to your door. So if you buy ingredients when you are food shopping or use ingredients that we supply in our meals, the ingredients are not covered by funding from the NDIS. However, the good news here is as we are making our food in large batches, we can pass on our savings of buying in bulk, directly to you! This is why we are able to use the highest quality food but still keep our prices so affordable.


We recommend only using Meal Preparation and Delivery providers who are registered with the NDIS. As a registered NDIS meal provider, they will understand what can and cannot be funded by the NDIS and know how to navigate the strict NDIS complexities. While unregistered providers can be a fantastic resource for other services, not all of them will be able to accurately break your invoice down into components that will satisfy the NDIS showing clearly the costs of preparation, delivery and ingredients. If they don’t invoice correctly, there’s a risk the NDIS might reject the invoice and you may have to cover the costs yourself.

If you have any further enquiries or would like to know more about our meal preparation and delivery service, please contact our friendly team on 1800 155 255.


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